Construction Services for Atlantic Canada


Gagetown, New Brunswick

Project Description

Package 2 – Foundation and structural package for the vehicle maintenance facility. This facility is to repair and service heavy machinery for the military.

Package 3 – The interior fitup of the maintenance facility. The scope of work included complete mechanical and electrical systems.

Package 4C – The interior fitup c/w all mechanical and electrical system for the administrative and support facilities for 2RCR. The total area was 177,630 square foot which included stores, offices, maintenance and recreational spaces.

Location: Gagetown, New Brunswick

Delivery Method: General Contractor

Value: Pkg 2 – $3.5 million, Pkg 3 – $5.9 million, Pkg 4- $13. million

Completed: Pkg 2 – February 2004, Pkg 3 – January 2005, Pkg 4 – July 2006

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